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Adoption will come when developers build stuff.

Setup a Testnet node in minutes

The data directory for testnet 4.6 (all OS)

You have to download Raven core 4.6 yourself and replace the data directory. BACKUP YOUR WALLET.DAT
LINK. Should work for any OS.

Windows only - full client and all data version 4.6

If you are on windows, you can download our Kickstarter package Raven core QT 4.6 testnet for windows
Extract the zip-file and run rvn.bat

Why use Ravencoin

Ravencoin enables you to create your own digital tokens/assets

Digital tokens can represent and transfer value electronically, which makes them useful for a variety of applications.

Gift cards and vouchers:

Digital tokens can be used to represent and transfer the value of a gift card or voucher electronically. This can be convenient for both the purchaser and the recipient of the gift card or voucher, as it allows for the transfer of value to be made easily and securely without the need for physical cards or vouchers.

Security tokens:

A security token is a type of digital token that represents ownership in an asset, such as a company or real estate. Security tokens can be used to represent and transfer ownership stakes in a company or other asset electronically, which can make it easier to buy, sell, and manage ownership interests.

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