Raven Rebels

We at Raven Rebels intend to make lots of developers build stuff on RavenCoin.

Stuff we do

Dark/Light mode ready.
Next up is Paypal integration
WHAT are we creating? A web app for buying, receiving, sending #Ravencoin assets/tokens #RVN .
WHY? Humanity should have easy access to Ravencoin/tokens/assets.

Here is a sneak peak. Full video comin up. pic.twitter.com/DdfUw24YbH

— RavenRebels (@RavenRebels) April 5, 2021

Why use Ravencoin

Ravencoin enables you to create your own tokens, "crypto currencies". That is powerful.

When you download a Raven wallet to your computer, you actually get a server. You can communicate with the server using RPC/JSON/REST.


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